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At Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa, our esteemed team, lauded as the finest in Palm Beach County and celebrated for amassing an impressive array of over 400 five-star experience ratings on Google, proudly extends their unparalleled expertise and exceptional aesthetic services to the heart of Plantation, Florida—inviting you to indulge in the same esteemed care and luxurious treatments that have become our hallmark, now available within the comfort and convenience of your own neighborhood.

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About Us

Plantation Med Spa proudly operates as the affiliate establishment to Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa, located in West Palm Beach, under the expert guidance of our Medical Director, Dr. Dahabra. Recognized as an industry leader in Palm Beach County, Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa has been distinguished by an overwhelming number of five-star reviews from our esteemed clientele. These accolades bear testimony to the outstanding service quality and exceptional value we extend to our patrons. It is this very ethos of excellence that you can now conveniently experience at our Plantation location.

Key Highlights:

  1. Affiliation with Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa: Our Plantation Med Spa functions as an associated enterprise to Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa, which is highly esteemed in the West Palm Beach area. This affiliation signifies a shared vision and operational standards, assuring you of an equally remarkable experience at both locations.
  2. Leadership of Dr. Dahabra: Spearheaded by our accomplished Medical Director, Dr. Dahabra, both our spas are committed to offering unparalleled aesthetic treatments. His expertise and vision guide our clinical approach, ensuring safe and effective treatment modalities.
  3. Recognition in Palm Beach County: Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa has earned its standing as a premier medical spa in Palm Beach County. Our reputation is not just a marketing claim but is substantiated by customer satisfaction, demonstrated by our numerous five-star reviews.
  4. Customer Testimonials: Our valued guests’ positive feedback validates our service quality. These reviews reflect the satisfaction of clients who have experienced aesthetic and therapeutic benefits from our range of services.
  5. Consistent Service Excellence: The accolades and testimonials we have received are not mere happenstance. They are the result of our dedication to provide unparalleled service quality. From the initial consultation to post-treatment care, we endeavor to exceed client expectations at every step.
  6. Accessibility in Plantation: Bringing our esteemed services closer to you, our Plantation Med Spa is designed to offer the same range of advanced treatments and high-quality care that you would find at our Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa.

Our Plantation Med Spa is not just another medical spa but an extension of an already established legacy of excellence in aesthetic care. We invite you to experience this exceptional level of service and treatment outcomes at our new Plantation location.


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Advanced Technology

Plantation Med Spa is the number one choice for many happy customers seeking advanced aesthetic treatments. We us cutting-edge technology and perform only the very best treatments for visible results with minimum downtime. We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled customer care and customized treatment programs to best meet the goals of our clients.

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Customized Programs

We believe that treating your face and body doesn’t end with a one-time visit to the clinic. We specialize in creating customized programs based on each individual’s needs. The programs include a combination of treatments performed by our dedicated team and at-home completion treatments to enhance and maintain results.

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Analyze & Consult

Medical Spas are part of a growing industry. You may find dozens of Medical Spa options in your immediate area, so why choose us? 95% of our clients aren’t familiar with the wide offerings of this industry and often get overwhelmed by the vast selection. Here at Plantation Med Spa, we first analyze your skin. We will help you understand, prioritize, and define your goals. We will then help you achieve your goals!

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Natural Results

Here at Plantation Med Spa we believe Natural is more beautiful. We will always aspire to achieve your looking, natural skin. We don’t want anyone asking you – “where did you get your botox done? If you share that thought, join us for a free consultation.

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Convenient Financing

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Beauty Concierge

Enjoy a personal beauty concierge – from the minute you step in, you will be introduced to your own personal beauty specialist, a person designated to make your experience with us unparalleled to anything else you knew or tried. 

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