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Physician Assistant


Meet Amanda, a highly skilled and dedicated Physician Assistant with specialized expertise in aesthetic medicine. A Utah native with a passion for art and the great outdoors, Amanda embodies a unique blend of scientific acumen and artistic sensibility. Her journey in the field commenced upon graduating from Barry University in 2018 with a Master’s in Clinical Medical Science and Physician Assistant Studies.

Academic Background

  • Masters in Clinical Medical Science and Physician Assistant Studies: Amanda graduated from Barry University in 2018, securing a strong foundation in clinical medical science. This educational background equips her with an in-depth understanding of medical procedures and patient care, crucial for making informed decisions in aesthetic medicine.

Professional Experience

  • Aesthetic Specialization: Since her graduation, Amanda has committed herself entirely to the domain of aesthetics. Her experience encompasses a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including but not limited to, injectables and laser therapies.

    • Lasers: Proficient in the use of various medical lasers, Amanda possesses the knowledge and skill to offer treatments that are both effective and safe.

    • Injectables: Her hands-on experience with injectables like Botox and dermal fillers further amplifies her ability to deliver natural-looking results that amplify one’s inherent beauty.

Personal Passion: A Love for Art

  • Artistic Flair: Amanda’s love for art is not confined to the walls of a gallery. She channels her artistic energies into her work, viewing each treatment as a form of art—a canvas where science and creativity converge. It is this artistic vision that propels her to achieve aesthetic outcomes that resonate with natural beauty.

Connection to Nature

  • Outdoors and Well-being: Growing up in Utah has instilled in Amanda a profound love for the great outdoors. When she’s not immersed in her professional commitments, you can often find her hiking through the scenic terrains of her home state. This connection to nature serves as a grounding force, enriching her sense of well-being and balance.

Why Choose Amanda?

  • Unique Blend: With Amanda, you’re not just choosing a medical professional; you’re opting for someone who understands the symbiosis between medical science and artistic expression.
  • Client-Centric Approach: She places immense value on client satisfaction, continually educating herself on the latest techniques and products to offer an unparalleled aesthetic experience.
  • Safety First: Amanda’s strong academic background means that safety is never compromised, ensuring that all procedures conform to the highest medical standards.

Final Thoughts

Amanda’s journey is a compelling testament to what can be achieved when passion meets profession. Her story serves not merely as a biography but as an inspirational narrative for anyone looking to fuse the worlds of science and art. In Amanda, you’ll find more than just a Physician Assistant; you’ll discover a dedicated artist committed to bringing your aesthetic aspirations to life.

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