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Chadi Dahabra, M.D.

Spa Director & CoFounder

The medical Doctor at Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med spa is Dr. Dahabra. Dr. Dahabra graduated from Medical School with Cum Laude​

He went on to do medical residency training at the University of Miami/Jackson memorial hospital where he graduated as one of the tops in his class. Dr. Dahabra is multi-board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

He is also trained in Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and has been covering this service for many years at Saint Mary’s Hospital. Dr. Dahabra is an affiliate professor with the both University of Vermont and Florida Atlantic University medical schools. He is an active participants in the education of their medical students as well as their residents. He is known both to his colleagues and his patients to have very skilled hands and is Nicknamed the doctor with the “gifted hands” in reference to his gentle yet very effective results. Dr. Dahabra has received extensive training in Medical Aesthetics and functional medicine. He is highly trained in Botox and Dermal fillers injections, Mesotherapy, Acne treatments, facial thread lifting and many more procedures. He has extensive practical training at many Medical Spas in the Miami area as well. Dr. Dahabra proud himself to provide the most comfortable and minimal pain treatments during procedures to get the best out of your experience. He’ll meet you before any intervention to answer any questions regarding your procedure and to plan a unique plan that fits your health and beauty goals.

He is also highly trained in the functional medicine field and will help you in discovering the root of your medical issues rather than just masking the symptoms with conventional pharmaceutical treatments that comes with many unwanted side effects and many times prove to be unsuccessful.

Dr.Dahabra, the esteemed medical doctor at Beverly Hills Wellness Center& Med Spa as well as Plantation Med Spa, presents an impressive profile that combines academic excellence, specialized training, and a patient-centric approach to medicine and aesthetics. His journey and credentials testify to his commitment to excellence in medical aesthetics and functional medicine. Here’s an expanded and detailed overview of Dr.Dahabra’s career and expertise:

Academic and Professional Excellence

  1. Educational Foundation:
    • Dahabra’s medical education began at Hacettepe Medical School in Turkey, an institution renowned for its high standards and rigorous curriculum, comparable to Harvard Medical School in the USA. This foundation laid the groundwork for his distinguished career.
    • Graduating Cum Laude, Dr.Dahabra demonstrated early on his academic prowess and dedication to medical science.
  2. Residency and Specializations:
    • He completed his medical residency at the prestigious University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, graduating as one of the top in his class. This intensive training period honed his clinical skills and deepened his medical knowledge.
    • His multi-board certifications by the American Board of Medical Specialties underscore his broad expertise and commitment to maintaining the highest standards in his practice.
  3. Teaching and Mentorship:

    • As an affiliate professor with the University of Vermont and Florida Atlantic University medical schools, Dr.Dahabra plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of medical professionals.
    • His involvement in educating medical students and residents highlights his dedication to advancing the field of medicine and sharing his vast knowledge.


Specialized Skills and Services

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment:
    • Dahabra’s training in Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and his years of service at Saint Mary’s Hospital demonstrates his proficiency in this specialized area of treatment, known for its healing and rejuvenating properties.
  2. Medical Aesthetics Expertise:

    • He has received extensive training in Medical Aesthetics, a field that harmoniously blends medical knowledge with aesthetic enhancement.
    • His expertise includes Botox and Dermal fillers injections, Mesotherapy, Acne treatments, and facial thread lifting, among other procedures.
    • His training and practical experience extend to various Medical Spas in the Miami area, further broadening his skill set and exposure to diverse aesthetic treatments.
  3. Functional Medicine Approach:

    • Dahabra’s proficiency in functional medicine sets him apart, focusing on uncovering the root causes of medical issues rather than solely treating symptoms.
    • This holistic approach aims to provide more sustainable and effective health solutions, moving away from conventional treatments that often come with unwanted side effects.
  4. Instructor at Empire Medical training:
    • Dahabra is now a national instructor at the leading aesthetic and wellness teaching institution. He gives back by teaching all his skills, knowledge, and expertise to the next generation of the industry. 


Patient Experience and Care

  1.  Personalized Care:
    • Dahabra takes pride in offering personalized care, meeting patients before interventions to discuss their health and beauty goals, and devising a unique treatment plan.
    • His approach is patient-centric, ensuring that each individual receives attention tailored to their needs and expectations.
  2. Pain Management and Comfort:

    • Recognized for his skill in providing comfortable and minimal pain treatments, Dr.Dahabra ensures patients have the most pleasant experience possible during procedures.
    • His nickname, the doctor with the “gifted hands,” is a testament to his gentle yet effective approach, earning him high regard among colleagues and patients.
  3. Educational and Supportive Role:

    • Beyond procedural expertise, Dr.Dahabra is committed to educating and guiding his patients, ensuring they are well informed and comfortable with every aspect of their treatment journey.



Dr.Dahabra’s academic rigor, specialized training, innovative approach to functional medicine, and dedication to patient comfort and personalized care make him a distinguished figure in his field. His expertise enhances his patients’ physical well-being and aesthetic desires and significantly advances medical education and practice. His role at Beverly Hills Wellness Center& Med Spa and Plantation Med Spa is integral to providing high-quality, comprehensive care, aligning with the center’s commitment to excellence in health and beauty.

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